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Monda's Chupcakes

Gourmet Cupcakes for all occasions

May Flowers Special


April 30th thru May 31st

Pink Lemonade- Pink lemonade cake blended with lemon pudding then, topped with pink lemonade buttercream.

Turtle- chocolate cake blended with pecans, caramel pieces, and chocolate chips, and then topped with caramel buttercream.

Pineapple Right-side Up- Pineapple cake blended with crushed pineapple then topped with pineapple buttercream and a cherry.

May Tipsy Cake

Lemon Drop- Lemon cake blended with triple sec and vodka, injected with lemon filling, then topped with lemon vodka buttercream.

$26/doz April 3oth thru May 31st